Code of Ethics

  1. Livemcbride-group-3432 each day with courage
  2. Take pride in your work
  3. Always finish what you start
  4. Do what needs to be done
  5. Be tough, but fair
  6. When you make a promise, keep it
  7. Ride for the brand
  8. Talk less and say more
  9. Remember that some things aren’t for sale
  10. Know where to draw the line

From: Cowboy Ethics: What Wall Street Can Learn from The Code of The West
James P. Owen, 2004

Investment Philosophy

The McBride Group, LLC is an organization dedicated to capital preservation and conservative investment strategies. Our clients are only those investors with a long term perspective. When the legendary investor Warren Buffet was asked what is a typical holding period was for an investment, he answered simply “forever”. We share Mr. Buffet’s sentiment.

Our portfolios incorporate the best ideas of Modern Portfolio Theory. Our goal is to design the most efficient portfolio for each client’s risk profile and financial goals. By “efficient” we mean optimal asset allocation for a given level of risk. We keenly understand the devastating impact of losses on the long term success of investments. Avoiding, or at least minimizing, losses is of central importance to our strategies.

Our portfolios consist of stocks and bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds and alternative investments. Alternatives include hedge funds, commodity and currency investments and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a core focus of our advisory practice. Whether you are nearing retirement, or whether you just had your first child and want to save for a college education, our financial planning process helps ensure you are doing the right things to achieve your life goals.

To make this all happen, we follow a proven process we’ve developed and refined over the years. It starts with taking time to get to know you and what is important to you. From there, we’ll use our advanced planning software and decades of experience, to ensure your savings, spending and investment strategies, all put you on a path to have what is important.

Retirement Planning is the single most requested service we provide to our clients. For our retirement years to be truly “golden” requires a significant commitment by our clients and a stringent fiduciary requirement for our financial advisors.

Retirement Planning has become increasingly difficult for good and bad reasons. Good because of our longer life expectancies and bad because of the current economic difficulties. Just how do we allocate our resources to protect our assets and at the same time protect ourselves against inflation? Inflation is perhaps the single most destructive enemy to our future plans and is very difficult to comprehend. Think of the prices for Sonoma County real estate over the last 30 years for example. That is why selling all our client’s stocks, only buying bonds and holding on to cash seldom works in the short term and never works in the long term.

Adding to the planning challenges is the demise of defined benefit retirement plans. Few clients enjoy a predictable retirement income adjusted for inflation. As time goes on, the number of definite benefit recipients will only decrease. The retirement ball, as they say, is in each of our courts.

At The McBride Group, LLC, we take a very quantitative approach to retirement planning. Our retirement planning includes efficient frontier analysis and Monte Carlo simulations. We also use the Ibbotson wealth forecasting engine.

Disclaimer: All investments have the potential for profit or loss and past performance does not guarantee future success or predict returns. The McBride Group LLC provides client services only in states where we are properly registered.

Our Partners

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