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Legal Consulting is part of our firm’s essential services. Our group works with law firms on a consulting basis. Our work is in two major areas: investment analysis and expert witness testimony. Investment analysis is often part of the litigation process, but we are also engaged by successor trustees to review both short and long term investment options for beneficiaries, both primary and secondary. Secondary beneficiaries often include universities, hospitals and other 503( c ) organizations. 

We provide law firms with superior analysis of investments, portfolio risk and suitability decisions. Our staff has the ability to compare current and target portfolios, run Monte Carlo simulations, optimize a portfolio and create an action plan. We can generate an Investment Recommendation Report or an Investment Policy Statement.


For investment analysis studies we have a computer database of over 180,000 securities worldwide, including more than 6,000 hedge funds.  The database includes mutual funds, stocks, exchanged traded funds, offshore funds, variable annuities, closed-end funds, separate accounts and market indexes.


Our primary purpose is the prevention of elder financial abuse.   As our population ages, we are dedicated to the protection of the most venerable in our society. We understand the business objectives of large investment banking firms and how those firms reward their employees.


Our team has experience in both scientific and commercial information technology, university degrees in theoretical physics and mathematics, Masters of Business Administration and the Certified Financial Planner credential.

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