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The McBride Group pioneered the development of a neutral, third party financial institution analysis. Our “Heads Up Analysis™” is noted for its objective and honest assessment of a bank’s financial condition and how a bank fares in numerous peer group comparisons. As you would expect given our twenty-five years of financial services experience we provide an extremely sophisticated analysis of an institution’s investments. Our analysis translates often into opportunities for increased credit quality and yields as well as decreases in reinvestment and interest rate risks. One of our most important value propositions is our fees must be less than the proposed increased interest income or we will not charge for our services.

Because we do not shy away from giving our opinion, good or bad, our primary clients are those CEOs and CFOs in transition. Our clients are the banking executives and board members who want the truth. Over the years we have learned the hard way that in-place management teams are not always interested in how their bond portfolio, for example, can be optimized. That is why our clients are most often those leaders considering a new challenge and need and want the facts. They want to know, as one of our Florida clients told us, “where the swamps are and how many alligators there are in each swamp”.

Our services are available on a one-time-only basis or as part of a strategic long-term partnership. On this page are sample reports for our “Heads Up Analysis™”. Please call if you have any questions or comments.

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