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Videos are an essential part of state-of-the-art websites. Video is more engaging than reading text. Video allows the audience to connect in ways text simply can’t duplicate. Compared to text, video is more pleasing to the eye, engages its audience and incentivizes that audience to take action. Research shows that people click more on images and videos in search results than they do on simple text. This means viewers are more likely to click on thumbnails showcasing your video.

Video is critically important in search engine optimization (SEO) because search engines are starting to rank videos more often in search results. It’s a gradual change that has a significant impact on SEO. Videos are also an excellent source of inbound links. Video services like YouTube allow you to link directly to your website provided that video is 100 percent original. An engaging and interesting video will organically build those inbound links for you.

Recently, our firm has been able to combine two areas of expertise: wealth management and video production services.  Working closely with Charles Schwab & Co., we are developing videos for independent investment advisory firms for use on their websites.  As one of our new advisory clients said “You are one of us!”.  Our very first advisory clients were our neighbors and friends Noah Jacobson and Brian Breen.  Like our investment group, Jacobson & Breen are on the Schwab RIA platform.  

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